The Echo of Being 2020

The Echo of Being is based on biographical elements from the lives of Gustav and Alma Mahler and their young daughter Maria. The film is a reflection on life, death, and everything after that.

Daphnis & Chloé 2018

Psychological drama set in our modern time based on Ravel’s famous composition Daphnis & Chloé. Under the influence of her digital self, Chloé loses herself in ostentation and lust that withholds her of experiencing real love.

Firebird 2015

Magical realistic film, based on Stravinsky’s L’oiseau de Feu. After the death of his wife, Emperor Kashkei lives in solitude in his memories. In a deserted castle he’s being looked after by his enchanted servants. Kashkei’s neglected daughter can’t stand this situation and uses her magical powers to confront him with his past.

Motion Games 2013

Dance film to music by composer Thomas Beijer, performed by violinist Rosanne Philippens and pianist Yuri van Nieuwkerk in a choreography by Lukas Timulak.

The Isle of the Dead 2011

Visualisation of Arnold Böcklin’s painting Die Toteninsel, where the deceased on an island make the crossing to the afterlife. When a living woman arrives, the wandering souls start to haunt her. Music by Sergei Rachmaninov.